Architectural Design, Engineer/Consultant Drawings, Shop Drawing Service, Plot Plan

Architectural Design: This would include designing a building and/or site layout, which can include a new build and/or addition.  This can include anywhere from preliminary design all the way through final drawings prepared for construction.    

Engineer/Consultant Drawings: These are drawings that are normally prepared by engineers. Are you a firm that is a single person firm?  I can assist you in preparing these drawings for you.  You as engineers can mark up the drawings and those mark ups will be updated to the final drawings for construction.  

Shop Drawing Services: These are drawings provided to show the Architect how the contractor plans to meet the intent of the contract’s design requirements. Shop drawing services confirm that both parties are on the same page. For example, if we take a steel structure shop drawing as a case, we have to be sure an architect, a structural engineer and a contractor are on the same page. Shop drawings exist for that reason. Shop drawings try to uncover potential non-conformance before materials are ordered and installed. The shop drawing's main objective is to ensure that the client ends up with the best technical drawings for their entire project. My services include millwork, steel, aluminum, and glazing shop drawing services.  I will work on all building components such as stairs, railings, structural framing, wall cladding, slab works, glazing, HVAC (duct) and other shop drawings. 

Plot Plan: This drawing is a basic site plan showing the lot line of the site you wish to build on prior to adding any new construction. This gives the owner an idea of what their capabilities are in building on this site.

Site Plan Drawings: These drawings would consist of the layout of various paving, buildings, and landscaping to show to the owner what will be constructed.

Residential Floor Plans: These drawings would show the basic layout and floor plan of your house so you can see the flow and relationship of the different spaces.

Billboard/Sign Design:  I can draw  your billboard/sign according to your specifications so you can send it out for quotes.

Monument Design: I can assist the client with some potential layouts of the monument they wish to have fabricated in order for them to obtain quotes.

Final Walk-Through/Punchlist of a Construction Project: I can assist the owner if they do not have a representative to create a punchlist at the end of the project prior to taking occupancy of the project. A punchlist is a list of things that are still left to be done and/or corrections that need to be made to the project. It is usually given to the contractor at the end of the construction so he knows what is left to finish and what corrections need to be made.

3-D Modeling (Premium Service): These drawings would show the design in 3 dimensions instead of 2, giving a more "true life" view of the home/building once it is built. 


"Quick turnaround on revisions to the drawings with the corrections needed."  Jan B.